Hi...my name is Gina and I am the founder of G-cakes, and I'm
excited to announce my newly designed website.  I hope to attract
more visitors and prospective customers, so I invite you to visit my
site now to learn more!

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested, to help me
spread the word.

Best regards,
gINa uSon-ERmiTaÑo
Omg Gina I loooooooooove the cake
You did an amazing jos as always

Yet another best in class!
The cake, was one thing difficult to match.
Abdullah, having celebrated his first birthday in Kuwait & the second one in UAE….Alia was busy
matching quality. Friends they’ve made here in Jeddah, but trying to find a cake as good as the one
made by La Baggute in Kuwait & Cakes n Bakes in UAE seemed a real challenge !!!!! Its good as far
as the “desi ghee” stuff goes, that’s the furthest it goes though.
We recall ordering number cake “6” for Alia’s 6th birthday when we were here earlier and got the
shock of our lives when they delivered the cake, it sure read 6, but in Arabic!
Well, this, hear cake was dreamt by Alia and the dream brought to reality by Gina at g-cakes.
Gina, you know your stuff!!!!!! this cake beats all the one’s we’ve got made earlier…including the one’s
we’ve cut in Oman….the kids loved it, especially when their lips went blue!!!
Hmmm….. reaffirms what I maintain. You find the best of everything in Jeddah……as long as you
know where to look for them.
Guy’s, for cakes, don’t look any further..leave it to Gina!
Jeddah : 22nd Jan 2014
-Kunali Syed

The cake was delicious and well designed.  All were impressed specially the kids.  Thanks for your effort.

Hi Gina, I donno where to begin...A million THANK U for the cakes! U made the bithday look
amazing!  All the people and specially the kids
were overwhelmed by the design and the meticulous finishing of the cakes!  The taste was as well so so
sooo good!  U can't count the
number of the mons taking your number for their own events..can't wait to deal with u again in all my
upcoming events..
Behind Al Sholla Center
Madina Road, Jeddah
Saudi Arabia